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Metal machining on CNC machines with consistently high quality from batch to batch

Turning works:

diameter machining up to D 1000 mm and length up to L = 1000 mm

processing of any surfaces of the workpieces: internal, external, conical, cylindrical, end, shaped

the workpiece is cut and parts are trimmed

cutting internal and external threads of any complexity

grooving and grooving


Boring work:

boring of parts with overall dimensions up to 800x800 mm on horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers

Milling work:

processing of parts with overall dimensions up to 600x400x400 mm

Locksmith work:

metal cutting

filing and stripping of metal parts

Integrated work for complex nodes:

Cutting the body on a pipe cutting machine Application of epoxy paint, after shot peening Production of flanges and plugs for them Longitudinal cutting of the body with machining of chamfers for welding

Processed materials:

aluminum alloys
structural steel
low alloy steel
stainless steel
non-ferrous metals (bronze, brass)

Used machines:

Machining center

Machining Center DMG DMC-125


CNC Lathe
Fanuc CKE6150Z

CNC Lathe
NT 16K20T1-02
Screw-cutting lathe 1M65
Turning screw cutting machine 16K25
Screw-cutting lathe 16K20
Screw-cutting lathe 1M63MF 101

Milling machines

The vertical boring-milling-boring machine with ChPU Simens S450

Vertically milling machine Heckert FSS 400/2 PS
Vertical milling machine 6K12
Horizontal Milling Machine 6M82
Horizontal milling machine 6R82G

Jig boring machine

Jig boring machine with CNC 2440 SF4

Boring machines

Drilling machine 2C132 Drilling machine 2N135 Radial drilling machine 2M55 Radial drilling machine 2L53U

Qualification of employees:

Our employees are certified by ROSTEKHNADOZOR, the Ural certification center and the NAKS in the following areas:

General requirements for industrial safety.
Pressure equipment. Objects of the oil and gas industry.
Gas supply facilities lifting facilities.
Objects of boiler supervision.
Engineering - specialists of welding production III and II level.
Welders are specialists of the 1st level welding industry. OKK employees are specialists of the II level ultrasonic control.
Welders are specialists of the 1st level welding industry.
OKK employees are specialists of the II level ultrasonic control.

Stages of product quality control:

Upon receipt of the order, the manager transfers the information to the technical department for processing and, if necessary, revising the technical documentation.

All received metal passes control and compliance with Certificates. If necessary, a chemical and mechanical analysis of the raw material is done.

Procurement at all stages of production from the warehouse to the product is marked, which ensures traceability of all stages of processing.

According to the readiness of the product, OKK service employees carry out visually measuring control, and if necessary, they use: ultrasonic, capillary, radiographic quality control methods.

When you apply again, your product is manufactured on the basis of existing technical documentation, which is stored in our archive, which ensures consistently high quality products.

We are waiting for your application!

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Sverdlovsk Region, Pervouralsk, st. Belinsky, 100